No one writes songs about the ones that come easy. (fraiisy) wrote,
No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.

Cast your life.

A meme I've found at
ermynee224 's, I thought it was really fun, and I was bored this afternoon, so I've made it as well .
This is very simple, you choose your own actors to play the differents characters and ta-dah, the movie of your life casting is ready!

Your Alias - The Main Character
Emily Browning

This girl kicks everyone's ass. She absolutely gorgeous, sweet, natural, and she seems to be stayed the same lovely person through the times.

The True Love

Gaspard Ulliel
I can imagine them so well together. He's just hot, but always in a cute way not in a "I'm gonna cause you troubles" one .

The Mistake

Ryan Kwanten

Precisely the hot but "I'm gonna cause you trouble because I don't like anyone but me" way I was talking about haha.

The True Love's Best Friend

Zach Gilford

The guy you can talk to, who is comprehensive, makes bad jokes and gives crappy advices, with a cute look.

The Rival

Kaya Scodelario

The girl who can be bitchy when she wants to, but who is worth it deep inside .

The Parents

Kim Raver & Matthew Settle

He plays music and sings, which makes of him the perfect father. She is classy and open-minded.

The Sister

Shailene Woodley

To tell the truth, I've never watched her show, I've just seen her in an episode of Cold Case, but she's just too cute.

The Best Friend

Emma Watson

The girl you can trust in, sweet, with good advices. She's very down to earth, and has this fresh look.

The Gay Best Friend

Connor Paolo

Okay, I took his character in GG personnality, but whatever. He seems to be always there for you even when you fight, and he's someone you can have fun with.

The City

Where else ?

Hope you enjoyed it!

Don't hesitate to do it as well.
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